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Well hello again boils, ghouls and beasties. I'm so glad you made it back.

In this post I will be sharing a ghost story from 'The Hamlyn Book of Ghosts' that used to haunt my nightmares as a child. Whenever I returned to the school library, I would dare myself to open the book straight to this page. I would be greeted by the grotesque image you see to your left.

That face!!!

This illustration accompanies the story of a haunted house in Oakville Georgia. The house was owned by the Walsingham family, who on moving in, thought the house had a strange feel to it. Over time the family where subjected to various ghoulish encounters including human blood dripping from ceilings, sounds of screaming and footsteps, disembodied hands and the pet dog having their neck broken by unseen forces.

Not surprisingly, the family moved out.

No one wanted to move in to the property and it's reputation for being a terrifiying haunted house grew. It stood empty until one evening when a Savannah man named Horace Gunn recieved a bet from his friends. They challenged Gunn that he wouldn't be able to spend a full 24hours in the house alone. Gunn accepted the challenge and entered the house with minimal belongings to stay the night. The following morning, his friends found Horace unconscious in the house.

As they tried to wake their foolhardy friend they began to notice ­bruise marks around his neck which appeared to have been made by hands with long slender fingers and sharp curved nails.

Once Horace came round and was escorted home, he became a bed ridden, nervous wreck after his encounter with the ghostly forces of the house.

When Horace was finally able to begin telling the tale of his experience, he talked obsessively about seeing a small light which began to form on the wall in the corner of the room he had chosen to sleep in. The light would gradually grow larger, taking the shape of a human head. The head would continue to grow to a disproprtionatley large size and form a face whose expression was one of pure terror. Grey matted hair was caked in thick dark blood which oozed from a deep gash on the temple of the dismembered cranium. Its eyes were wide and unblinking and its death-filled stare stayed focused on Mr. Gunn as it floated across the room. Horace was paralysed with fear, unable to scream for help.

He entered the house as a sceptic. He left the house a broken man.

Scary shit!

So I have a question for you. Would you stay in a haunted house alone for 24 hours, and if so how much would someone have to pay you for you to consider the challenge?

I think I'm too much of a scaredy cat to do it alone!

I will share more of the books content with you soon. In the meantime, here is a quick animation I put together inspired by this story and that freaky AF floating head!

Stay weird my fiends and remember to sleep tight...

...and don't let the bed bugs bite! x


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